Use cases

Check out on how you can use our price monitoring tool
All prices in one place

Save your time & resources

Save your time and resources by having all the latest market prices, brand & stock availability information in one place. No need to check competitors' websites one by one.

Easily find any price or availability of products on your competitors' inventory. Set up pricing alerts to avoid repeatedly checking the same product pricing.

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Save time
Uncover prices
Advanced search and filters

Explore competitor prices

Explore your competitors’ prices in each product, category, and brand you choose to compare to.

Get detailed information on each product including pricing changes, discounts, product unit measurements, out of stock information, etc.

  • Initial & Discount Prices
  • Stock Availability
  • Brand Information
  • Pricing History
  • First appearance date
Out of stock

Get the most from the out-of-stock information

Whenever there is a product out of stock in competitor stores, our price monitoring software displays it and allows you to act upon it.

Set up product out of stock alerts on any category or competitor you choose to be notified first.

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Out of stock information advantage
Stay in control of pricing strategy
Pricing alerts

Control your pricing strategy

Comparing product pricing lets you both decrease and increase your product pricing allowing you to make most of it in both cases.

Easily configure pricing alerts to get daily reports and price change notifications to stay on top of your sales plan.

  • Daily reports
  • Pricing Alerts
  • Specific actions on pricing changes (by request)
Custom integrations

Integrate with other tools you use

Need more? We are ready to develop custom solutions to make even more from all of these. Import and export data to your marketing, analytics and visualization tools in the format you need.

  • Analytics platforms
  • Advertising platforms
  • CRM
  • Visualization tools
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