Price monitoring tool

Collect data from your competitors' websites, compare and set pricing alerts
Data collection

The tool automatically collects all your competitors' products.

Out software automatically collects all your competitors' products in one place several times per day.

The software detects brand and product detailed information such as pricing changes, discounts, product unit measurements, out of stock information, etc.

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Data Collection specifications

You request, we develop

No code & no setup

We do everything for you. No need for you to download or set up anything.

99,99% Stability

We develop data collectors that act like real human and with special algorithm avoid blockers and captchas.

No competitor website size limit

Collect competitor websites of any size, without thinking about the number of requests, API points, etc.

Location selection

Choose a location for getting your competitor's product information.

Brand information collection

Get the product brand information and make brand analysis.

Currency conversion

Automatically convert the competitors' pricing into yours if needed.

Price monitoring

Comprehensive dashboard for price comparison.

Compare you product pricing with your competitors' pricing using complex filters and convenient UI.

The added color scheme and the filters make it easy to find your needed product list and check the pricing difference.

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Price monitoring features

Monitor with ease

Right after getting access, you can search and check all your competitors' pricing in one place.

Using our AI similar product matching suggestions, link similar products with one click or all together with bulk linking.

Apart from comparing pricing in the tool, you can set up pricing alerts with complex filters to be automatically notified about the changes in the competitors' markets.

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Product matching algorithm

With our AI tool, matching similar products turns into a simple game. Get matching suggestions and link similar products from competitors' markets with one click.

Pricing alerts

Set up automatic pricing alerts for your competitors' markets, specific categories or products.

Convenient UI

We have built a convenient UI to let you easily compare and monitor pricing.


Integrate with tools you use.

Need to connect our tool to other tools you use to make data-driven decisions and get more insights? No problem!

We accept any additional development requests related to the enhancement of the tool or just for making it more efficient for you.

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Starts at just $290/month for monitoring 3 competitors. No usage limits, no coding, no additional fees!