Should I set up or configure anything to enable the data collection?
No, everything is configured and set up by our specialists.
How often does the tool check my competitors' pricing?
Product pricing is not typically changed very often. Updating data once per day is enough to have relevant data. We increase the number of daily updates if there is a need.
Can I export the collected data?
Yes, there is an Excel export available in the interface of the tool. If you need to export the data by a specific format, do not hesitate to make a request.
What is the competitor definition in the pricing plans?
A competitor is one online shop with one domain name. There is no limitation on number of products or pages a competitor has.
Is there a limit on the number of products on a competitor's website?
No, you can monitor as many competitors as your pricing plan includes with unlimited products.
Can I add, remove or replace a competitor I monitor over time?
You can add as many competitors as you wish by upgrading your pricing plan if needed. You can remove a competitor, but you are allowed to replace it once per year and after monitoring at least one year.
Can the monthly pricing change based on the competitor website crawling times?
No, we crawl markets as many times as needed to always have up-to-date pricing data.
How many users can I give access to my account?
You can create and give access to your account to unlimited users.
Do I get product updates over time?
Sure, we constantly update our product, make enhancements, fixes and improvements. You will get the updates automatically.
Do I get a technical support over time?
Sure, we are always there for you to make sure everything is working fine.
Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes, in case any of your competitor's website cannot be automatically crawled, we return money back for that competitor from your payment or you are allowed to replace the competitor with another for free.
Can you develop additional features by request and how much does it cost?
Sure, we make everything to help you to get most out of the tool. The pricing depends on the difficulty of the request.
What payment methods do you accept?
Now we accept payments by credit card and bank transfer.